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Khanabadhoshon Ki Duniya – A World of Migrants

Disrupting the Singular Narrative

A World of MigrantsOn the occasion of International Labour Day, 1 May 2017, UNESCO launched an awareness campaign to highlight the importance of creating inclusive urban spaces for migrants.

Khanabadhoshon Ki Duniya or A World of Migrants is a series of 10 Radio Programmes (3–4 minutes each) produced by UNESCO featuring several real-life situations involving migrants and the challenges they face in accessing their rights and entitlements.

With Khanabadhoshon Ki Duniya, UNESCO attempts to disrupt the singular image of the underprivileged migrant as a suffering, needy and dependent person to a resilient, strong survivor and entrepreneur through the medium of radio.

The radio programmes adopt alternative narratives to highlight unique characteristics of migrants in the city, for example: migrants as agents of development, migrants as upholders of cultural diversity, the migrant working woman, migrants as contributors to skill diversity and migrants as symbol of new aspirations.

The aim is to evoke empathy amongst urban dwellers by focusing on similarities between migrants from rural areas and residents from urban areas. The series will focus on sharing the lived experience and contributions of migrants to the cities they migrate to and thereby disrupt the homogeneous image.

The Radio Programmes can be accessed here.
For Press Release, full transcripts in Hindi and English, and schedule of broadcasts on All India Radio, click here.