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Khanabadhoshon Ki Duniya – A World of Migrants is a series of 10 Radio Programmes (3–4 minutes each) produced by UNESCO featuring several real-life situations involving migrants and the challenges they face in accessing their rights and entitlements. With Khanabadhoshon Ki Duniya, UNESCO attempts to disrupt the singular image of the underprivileged migrant as a suffering, needy and dependent person to a resilient, strong survivor and entrepreneur through the medium of radio.
The radio programmes adopt alternative narratives to highlight unique characteristics of migrants in the city, for example: migrants as agents of development, migrants as upholders of cultural diversity, the migrant working woman, migrants as contributors to skill diversity and migrants as symbol of new aspirations.


Changing Climate Moving People. The film’s objective is to increase awareness, engagement and advocacy on the intertwined and complex linkages between moving people and changing climate, and to support the mainstreaming of migration into climate change policies. The approach of Changing Climate, Moving People is not limited to understanding migration as a demographic process which may be induced by climate change: the film seeks to show how climate change is and will contribute to the multi-causal nature of migration, and establish the triggers behind migrants’ choice to migrate or not to migrate while living in areas affected by environmental change. How do households, communities and individuals decide to migrate? What is the threshold or the build-up of push and pull factors that lead to the decision of migrating? To answer these questions, Changing Climate, Moving People follows the stories of the migrants and their families, to establish the triggers behind their choice to migrate.


Childhood on the Move depicts the plight of seasonal migrant children who accompany their parents and live in various informal sectors such as brick kilns, construction sites, stone crusher units etc.


Floating Population Building Blocks reveals the dire reality of migrant workers in Rajasthan in the construction industry.


Experts Speak showcases the key priorities identified to improve the situation of internal migrants in India.


Breaking Silence captures the experiences of women migrants living in Mullahera village in Gurgaon, Haryana and showcases how community radio is making a difference in their lives.


Women Internal Migrants in India
Women Internal Migrants in India
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