Gender Youth Migration

UNESCO GYM InitiativeThe Gender Youth Migration Initiative (GYM) is a UNESCO Online Initiative on Migration, launched in 2013 within the framework of UNESCO’s Internal Migration in India Initiative (IMII).

With an estimated 763 million internal migrants and 244 million international migrants, there are over one billion migrants in the world. If we consider the number of persons who are directly and indirectly impacted by migration, including migrants’ families and communities of origin, transit and destination, countless millions more need to be added.

Being constantly on the move, migrants lose access to social security benefits linked to the residence, falling through the cracks of development policies and programmes focused on settled populations. The Gender Youth Migration Initiative therefore aims to address the multiplicity of challenges faced by migrants, men, women and children, and support their economic, social, political and cultural inclusion through its programme of activities.

Objectives of UNESCO GYM
  • Raise awareness on the need to prioritize migration, especially internal migration, in policy-making
  • Advance knowledge on undocumented research areas on migration in order to support the design of better informed inclusive policies
  • Support the development of a coherent legal and policy framework on migration
  • Promote existing policies and creative practices that increase inclusion of all sections of the migrant population in society, particularly children and women
  • Contribute to changing the negative perception of migrants in society