Message from the Director

Mr Shigeru AoyagiThe Gender Youth Migration (GYM) web portal launched in 2013, is a growing repository of free resources and a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise on the theme of migration.

20170119Highlights_smallGYM aims to bring together researchers, practitioners and decision makers working on issues of internal migration and more, enabling them to learn from each other and keep them updated on new research and developments in the field of migration.

Since its launch, GYM web portal has been updated with 514 resources on migration gender and youth, at policy, research and best practices level (including publications, videos, audios and pictures, especially on internal migration). Since the beginning, the number of visitors per day has increased from 20 to 181.

GYM regularly proposes to experts and practitioners policy queries on topics such as Domestic Remittances; Right to Education for Migrant Children; Migration and Climate Change; and the Internal-International Migration Nexus. A monthly newsletter is also circulated to 800 subscribers through our GYM emailing list (

If research and policy interventions on international migration have garnered some attention, in India and worldwide, the study of internal migration is still fragmented and overlooked, and so are policy interventions.

“Policies designed for a sedentary population will not be able to address efficiently an Indian population on the move. A policy shift is therefore required to support, facilitate and accompany mobility of migrants not to curtail it” says Director and UNESCO Representative to India, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka.